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About Cookduo

Passionate about food, function and the tools we create with, the mission of Cookduo is to provide convenient, innovative, high-performing kitchen tools designed for everyday people who prefer simple designs, durability, and functional excellence suitable for healthy, contemporary home cooking. We envision that one day, every family will be preparing fresh, home-cooked meals with our products.


Founded in 2017 by industry veterans, Quan Li and Daniel Mok, Cookduo is positioned to be the number one choice of home cooks throughout the nation. Passionate about healthy food preparation and state-of-the-art tools, our products have enduring value for their precision, utilitarian purpose, and affordability. The ‘right tool makes all the difference,’ is a claim that holds true for all of our products.

Quan Li and Daniel Mok each have more than 15 years of experience designing and developing smart and unique designs for the housewares and kitchen industry. With a history of bringing long-lasting products to the market, their products have had a long life-span, still selling today at major retailers, such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, etc.


Cookduo formed by the relationship between the cook and the cook’s tools. We felt there was a need for unique innovation in the kitchen tools and gadgets market, not too many larger brands are innovating in the category like they use to. We wanted to embraced the culture of home cooking, Creating great tools to match the quality of your food and experience.

After over a year of product development, Cookduo had a soft launch in 2018 – a time when we gradually introduced our brand and debut products to the general public, customers, and retailers. Then, after expanding our line-up, we had an official launch of our products at the 2019 International Home and Housewares show in Chicago. Our product line, which included 30 all-new items, was well received from industry experts, and we were recognized for our innovative approach to creating something new and unique with traditional tools. Displaying what our brand represents. One of the more notable tools cited was the Avocado Cut & Scoop featured on ABC7 Chicago news - Hottest trend of 2019. Video Here.

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Design and User focused

We have a focus on creating better quality tools for the modern cook, kitchen and new food trends and culture. A prime example is one of our first line of products that we re-designed from the ground up, the Steelcore cooking tool set. Your essential everyday nylon cooking tools, great for non-stick cookware, using less oil and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. We developed the Steelcore line as what we believe is the best nylon cooking tools on the market today. We focused on the basic issues with existing Nylon tools, some are thin and extremely flexible, easy to break or too thick and very cumbersome to use.

Our Steelcore line of Nylon tools, is the first to integrate a steel rod, inside the tool from the length of the handle to the bottom of the shaft. The resulting product is a rigid, zero flex design, while remaining thin and versatile to use. We can proudly say this one if the best nylon tools on the market. All quality, no gimmicks.

Simple and intuitive design

Simple and intuitive design

Whats next

Moving forward, we plan to introduce more products to the market as soon as possible, carefully priced and of exceptional value. We look forward with helping you prepare delicious, fresh meals for yourselves and your family at home – one idea at a time!