Functionally fresh :)  



Bringing functionally fresh kitchen tools and gadgets designed for everyday people. With a focus on ease of use and simple designs for the modern lifestyle, while encouraging healthy eating and home cooking - Sincerely, Cookduo team


Steelcore line

Nylon tools with rigid steel core center for long lasting design

Mix & Measure

Silicone tools with adjustable measuring spoon

Bamboo Grips

Silicone grip bamboo tools

Avocado line

Tools for avocado lovers

Grab & Grip

2 in 1 Pot holder and trivet

Food Prep tools

Peelers, Graters, Zesters & Reamer

Air Trivet

Silicone trivet & pot holder

Veggie Gripper

2 sided bamboo cutting board for small vegetables & fruits


modern-white-kitchen-marble-accents Small.jpg